Conscious sedation dentistry is beneficial for many patients

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Dentistry

Sedation dentistry in Orange Park is often used on those patients which suffer from anxiety or anxiety disorders that make it difficult for them to remain comfortable while receiving dental care. There are a number of conscious sedation techniques that the dentist can use. Dentists who practice sedation dentistry has received specialized training in administering the sedative and caring for his or her patients that are under sedation.

It is believed that a full 30 percent of the population have some degree of nervousness when they are faced with a dental appointment. Anxiety is not only uncomfortable for the patient but it can be a potential hazard as well as patients that do not take dental care well can easily distract the dentist and staff from the procedure they are undertaking. People that are highly strung and nervous are also very tight and the least little thing can cause involuntary movements such as kicking or flailing the arms, these movements complicate the procedure that is being undertaken at the moment.

Patients who are going to undergo sedation dentistry are given small doses of a sedative; the sedative is often ingested orally prior to the dental treatment but can also be delivered as a gas or via an intravenous drip. Regardless of how the sedative is administered, the patient remains conscious but feels totally at ease and fully relaxed. The stress that is often felt when one has a dental phobia is suppressed, depending on the sedative the dentist decides to administer the patient can even have a feeling of euphoria but will certainly go through the procedure with no problems.

It is not only adults that have a fear of a dental appointment; children are equally affected and may even refuse to heed the commands of the dentist. When children are sedated during their procedure there is a very good chance that a dental phobia will never develop, this has a positive effect on how they treat their dental health as they go through life.

Even when the procedure is of no significant consequence when it comes to pain, just the thoughts of any dental work are enough to scare many people off.

Before a sedation dentist administers the sedative he or she will conduct an interview to ensure that there are no risks to the patient and that there is no history of having any adverse reactions to sedatives.

If you are a dental patient who has fear of treatment then you are a candidate for sedation dentistry in Orange Park. You are invited to make a dental appointment at Myers Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics.

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