Cosmetic Dentist in Hawthorne and Dental Bonding

by | Jan 22, 2013 | Dental Care

A whiter smile is one of the main reasons people visit a cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne. It has been said that your smile is the first think people notice about you and with the many ads for whiter and brighter teeth that you see on TV, it has become more noticeable than ever. One of the procedures that cosmetic dentists carry out is that of dental bonding. This procedure repairs any issues that you may have with the structure of your teeth as well as make the teeth more aesthetic. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to discuss the pros and cons of this technique.

What is dental bonding? Ask a cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne

Dental bonding, a cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne will tell you, is not a really time consuming procedure. In most cases, it involves only a few steps to complete the process. First the dentist will use a shade guide to match the color of the composite resin filling with the natural color of your teeth. Your teeth will need to be roughened somewhat for the resin to adhere and this is done using an etching solution. It is very mild and will not cause any discomfort. The dentist then applies the resin and using ultraviolet light helps it to set on the teeth. The dentist may have to apply several layers and shape the resin so that your teeth have a perfect shape. Then he/she will polish and shine your teeth to a brilliant whiteness.

Ask a cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne if dental bonding is right for you

A cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne will be able to give you advice about the advantages of having a dental bonding procedure done. One of the enticing features of this procedure is that it is inexpensive and you know that your teeth have been repaired and whitened by a professional. You don’t need to schedule very many appointments and if you wish you can have dental bonding done on only some of your teeth. It doesn’t remove any enamel from your teeth like other procedures do.

Stain resistant resin from a cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne

The resin that a cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne, applies to your teeth in dental bonding is stain resistant. However, you won’t have the same measure of resistance as you would with crowns. If you smoke or drink a lot of coffee, the resin will start to turn yellow over time, just as your own teeth do. In high-bite areas, the resin may not be as durable as you would like, so you will have to watch what you eat.

The good news about dental bonding from a cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne is that most insurance companies do cover some of the cost of the procedure. This will give you a bit of relief from the expense even though you will have to pay the major portion of the cost yourself. No matter what the cost may be, dental bonding from a cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne is an excellent way to regain the white smile of your youth.

Have the smile you have always dreamed of by visiting a cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne, see for more details.

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