Dental Implant VS Partial: Which Is Right for You?

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Dental Care

If you have had teeth removed recently and are considering getting them replaced then you have probably heard of dental implants and partials, but what are they and what is the different?

Ease of Use

Simply put, implants are exactly what they sound like. They are implanted into your jaw and become a permanent replacement. This means you do not have to worry about keeping up with them or having a soaking solution for at night, simply follow your dentist’s advice on properly cleaning your implants.

A partial on the other hand is similar to dentures in how they are used. Depending on the teeth being replaced and where they are there are a few different ways your dentist can anchor your partial into your mouth. Usually, this is done by wrapping around the molars at the very back of the mouth. In addition to having to deal with a separate piece, you also have to clean it separately and store it at night when not in use, just like you would with a set of dentures.


Since implants are permanently attached, repairing them can involve having to replace the tooth if the damage is too extensive. Partials, however, are much easier to replace when they are damaged. In these cases, your dentist will simply have you a new one made. In these cases, you may have to have a new mould of your mouth made to ensure the new partial fits properly. This is because the shape of your mouth can change over time, as can your bite. Both of these are important when making a partial to make sure you can chew properly and not bite yourself.


Partials and implants both serve the same function but do so in different ways. Partials are easier to replace if they are damaged, but implants are easier to take care of and look and feel more natural.

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