Dental Implants From a Dentist Near Chicago Can Be a Good Tooth Replacement Choice

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Dental Services

Sometimes, as people start to age, they may find they have a number of issues with their teeth. In some cases, the issues may be severe. They may have several missing teeth or a number of teeth, which a Dentist in Chicago may need to extract. When this type of situation occurs one of the main issues the patient will need to consider is how they will replace their missing teeth.

Many times, a person in this situation will decide to have a full set of dentures or a partial set created to replace the missing teeth. While dentures can be a good choice in some cases, many times they can create many painful conditions in the mouth. This occurs because dentures are not always stable in the mouth. In addition, since the patient’s jawbones may start to erode due to the loss of teeth, the dentures fit may change. This can further increase the pain the patient experiences.

Many times, because of these issues, a Professional Dentist in Chicago will recommend the patient to consider Dental Implants instead. Implants are created to mimic the way natural teeth grow in the mouth. They use metal rods, which are placed into the jawbone as support for the replacement teeth. This gives stability to the new teeth. It also will limit the bone loss the patient experiences as well.

Dental Implants near Chicago can be a great choice, the process to have them placed in a patient’s mouth can be a bit long. Generally, a dentist will need to surgically place a rod made of a material, such as titanium into the jawbone. Once the rod is in place, it will need to bond with the jawbone. This can take several weeks to complete. However, it is necessary to ensure the implants are stable.

Once the rods have bonded to the jaw, the Dentist in Chicago will be able to attach custom designed replacement teeth. This can be in the form of bridges, crowns or a full set of dentures, depending on the needs of the patient. The teeth will be designed to look natural and, because they are stable, they will feel natural as well.

For seniors who are having issues with their teeth, replacement teeth can be the best way to correct their issues. By choosing to have dental implants placed in their mouth, they can limit the pain they experience. For more information visit Chicago Dental Arts website online today.

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