Dental Implants Las Vegas Prevent Further Tooth Damage

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Dental

When someone has missing teeth, they are going to have a number of problems. Even missing one tooth can lead to many other dental issues. Plus, if the missing teeth were in the front, it is embarrassing to smile or talk in public. It can also be difficult to eat when one is missing teeth. There are many reasons why teeth are lost. Often, it is due to injuries. Oral diseases are another cause of tooth loss, as well as poor dental hygiene. Many people think that if the affected tooth is gone, that they have nothing more to worry about, and don’t get the dental work they need. They may be surprised to learn that they can end up with many other dental issues that will be more difficult and costly to treat.

When a tooth is lost, the other teeth that were on either side of it will move in closer together. This is what is known as tooth migration. The teeth will move forward, and it could lead to problems with the bite. It is more difficult to clean teeth that have moved like this, and there is more risk of getting cavities or developing gum disease. There can also be a problem with the partner tooth, or the tooth that used to meet the tooth that is now missing when one was chewing. This can cause more bite problems. These problems can all be avoided if the missing teeth are replaced by Dental Implants Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, once one tooth begins to decay, it won’t be long before the other teeth around it begin to do the same. It is important to have regular dental care, and to have missing teeth replaced with Dental Implants Las Vegas as soon as possible. The longer one waits, the more problems they are going to have with the remaining teeth. There will be bone loss, and the jaw will no longer be completely stable. All of the teeth can eventually become affected, and dental problems can lead to other health problems. To learn more about implants and other dental procedures, contact Desert Breeze Dental.


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