Dental Procedures for a Great Smile!

If you are new to Southfield, MI or your regular Dentist has retired or moved away, you will be looking for a new dental professional to take care of your teeth. The best Dentist Southfield will be able to handle the majority of the dental needs for your family. Basic dental services include examinations, routine cleanings on a regular basis, x-rays, preventative screenings, whitening, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, space maintainers, fillings, extractions, and much more.

The best Dentist Southfield uses only the latest tools along with state-of-the-art techniques using non-drill dentistry. No-drill dentistry uses lasers and water sprays as an alternative to customary dental tools which allows many dental procedures to be completed without a drill or a shot. This is perfect for people who have a fear of going to the dentist and especially for children who may be frightened by the sound of a drill reverberating through their skull. These laser methods are accurate and precise, plus they result in much less bleeding and swelling than traditional techniques.

Your Southfield dentist also has extensive experience with root canals. A root canal is something nobody wants but most people get at some point in their life. This procedure removes dead tissue from the inside of a damaged tooth. Numbing medicine or an anesthetic is placed around the tooth so that you will feel no pain when the dentist removes the infected pulp. The area is flushed with antibiotic medicines to curb additional infection before the tooth is filled. Root canals are designed to save your tooth so that it will not have to be pulled.

A variety of cosmetic dentistry services are also offered by your dentist. For example, composite non-mercury white fillings are gaining in popularity over the usual metallic gray or silver amalgam fillings. The white fillings look more natural and contain no mercury which may be toxic. Your dentist can also apply porcelain veneers to your teeth. These are thin porcelain pieces bonded to your natural teeth to enhance their appearance for an attractive smile. Veneers are also strong and resilient just like your natural teeth. Other cosmetic services include crowns or caps, bridges, and partial or full dentures.


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