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by | Jun 7, 2020 | Dentist

If you are dealing with cosmetic problems with your teeth, it can feel extremely stressful and upsetting. You know that the person the most people notice about you is your smile, and they can make major evaluations about your character or your health depending just on how your teeth look. This means that if you have broken, chips, discolored or crooked teeth you may feel uncomfortable interacting with other people or bad about yourself. Nobody wants this, but fortunately it is easy to overcome these problems. Porcelain veneers, South Loop dentist will tell you, are a fantastic way to address these cosmetic needs quickly, effectively and painlessly. Unlike other kinds of dramatic cosmetic procedures, porcelain veneers can be done very quickly and give you dramatic results without the stress of the pain.

Dental veneers South Loop can apply to your teeth are very very thin pieces of porcelain that are used to cover the visible part of teeth that don’t look the way that you would want them to look. These veneers don’t change the functionality of your teeth, but can make a dramatic difference in the way that they look. These pieces are only used to cover the part of your teeth that is visible, meaning that they will only change the way that the front of your teeth look. Unlike other forms of cosmetic dentistry, having veneers installed is fast and doesn’t require extensive modification to your teeth before they are able to be placed. This means far less time dedicated to your procedure and completely less discomfort, which is one of the leading causes of people avoiding dental procedures in general.

You may wonder whether you need to have veneers installed on all of your teeth. If you only have a couple of teeth that need to be modified, it is possible to only have a couple of veneers put on, but you should know that the veneers South Loop dentists put on your teeth may not look natural when placed next to other teeth. Meaning, the color of the veneers may be a shade or two off of your natural teeth, making the cosmetic modification obvious. Instead, having veneers placed on all of the front teeth will make sure that your smile makeover is total and beautiful.

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