Dentist in Lubbock TX – How To Deal With Cracked Or Chipped Teeth

by | Sep 17, 2012 | Dentist

A dentist in Lubbock TX will be experienced in many areas of dentistry, from providing cosmetic dentistry to performing root canal treatment. A common problem that a dentist in Lubbock TX faces will be cracked teeth. Despite the teeth being made up of durable materials, constant teeth grinding and other types of force can cause the enamel to weaken. After lots of abuse, the enamel could break altogether and not only will this look unsightly but also, it can cause painful tooth sensitivity. Due to the growth in services offered by a dentist in Lubbock TX, you can now deal with your chipped teeth accordingly.

Dentist in Lubbock TX – Causes Of Cracked Teeth

There are lots of reasons why the teeth will crack and a dentist in Lubbock TX can help you to determine precisely the reason why your problem has occurred. Chewing hard objects is a main cause of cracked teeth because repeated pressure will severely weaken the tooth. Chin impacts can also affect the condition of your teeth significantly, as well as large fillings or gum disease. If you are known to grind your teeth, this will cause the teeth to chip and eventually, crack completely.

Dentist in Lubbock TX – Types Of Different Teeth Cracks

There is more than one type of tooth crack that a dentist in Lubbock TX can deal with. Based on the severity of the crack, the dentist will offer varying treatments as a way of restoring the appearance of teeth and minimizing sensitivity. A split tooth will be difficult to repair and the solution to this problem would likely be crowns or possibly, fillings. A vertical root fracture will begin in the root of the tooth and spread down to the enamel. A basic cracked tooth will split straight up to the root, causing immense pain and a fractured cusp will normally be removed by the dentist. Another type of tooth crack will be crazed lines, which is relatively painless and not serious.

Dentist in Lubbock TX – Possible Treatments

Do not fret if you have a crack in your tooth because there are some treatments that a dentist in Lubbock TX can offer you. Bonding is a popular choice and will be used as a way of repairing smaller chips and cracks. Crowns are suitable for extreme damage to the teeth, whereas dental veneers will be selected to improve the appearance of an intact tooth. Another treatment will be cosmetic contouring, which involves rounding off and smoothing the tooth.

Leaving cracked teeth unattended may result in the need to remove it, so visit a dentist in Lubbock TX as soon as you notice a chip. For more information on these services, visit

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