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by | Sep 8, 2012 | Dentist

Bruxism is a disease caused by teeth grinding, which is a very common habit among kids, and adults as well. We mostly take it very lightly, but a dentist in Stratford says that grinding your when becomes a habit can create serious dental issues. Before getting a treatment it is necessary to find the reasons behind this disease which can be psychological or else.

Reason behind teeth grinding

According to dentists, a certain kind of stress or anxiety causes grinding, but if teeth are imbalanced even then grinding can occur due to wrong bite, and this most of the time happens during a sleep. Besides, the stress can be due to any reason as daily routine, some personal worries or work anxieties etc.

How to recognize it?

Sometimes your partner can tell you about this, or sometimes you know it by yourself. Such a person has constant headaches, or jaw pains, so if this happens, you should contact the dentist immediately. Another symptom is feeling heaviness in head, and pain in facial bones, besides looking at imbalance teeth can also tell us about this disease. Living in Stratford you can contact a well qualified dentist, who will guide you in this regard.

How can it affect you?

If the disease becomes chronic, it may result in fracture, or tooth loss. When it becomes serious certain treatment is required as, an implant, root canal, crown, or sometimes a denture is also recommended by the dentist. But, unluckily the bad thing is that instead of just harming he teeth it also can change your appearance and even can cause a hear loss, and a dental disease known as TMJ.

How to prevent this disease?

This is obvious that you should consult your dental specialist, who recommends a mouth guard which can prevent you from grinding your teeth. If you know that your life is very stressful, you should consult the specialist about its treatment. A dentist may recommend you a therapist, who would tell you some necessary relaxing exercises to reduce stress. In case of severe stress some medicines are also prescribed for relaxation. Yoga and reiki also helps a lot to deal with stress and anxiety. You can join a yoga center for this purpose, or can take help from internet. There are many yoga schools in Stratford, which can help you, or your dentist can also suggest you some exercises.

There are also some other ways which if followed you can get rid of bruxism as,

* You should avoid soft drinks, as well as caffeine.

* An excess of alcohol also increases grinding, so avoid it.

* A chewing gum will also make your habit of grinding more, so it should be avoided.

* Observe your teeth habits, and when find you grinding, intentionally try to stop it.

* Before sleeping at night, try to relax the jaw muscles by placing a warm piece off cloth on your cheek near jaws.

After following all these steps you can get rid of teeth grinding forever.

Dentist Stratford – If you or your child is having bruxism, you should get consultation from Cross Keys Family Dental as it has a solution of all problems regarding dental health. It’s even open on Saturdays as you can also get an emergency treatment anytime.

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