Dentures in Markesan, WI Verses Cosmetic Procedures

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Dentistry

Tooth loss is sometimes inevitable and while partial and complete Dentures in Markesan, WI are an option, it is not the only solution or the best. Dental implants offer restoration providing secure support more like real teeth that are long lasting and comfortable for many. If a good number of healthy teeth remain in the mouth, healthy implants are an option available at Silver Creek Dentistry.

Full dentures are an obvious need once someone has lost their teeth in either the lower or upper arch. Complete dentures are not the only method of replacing missing teeth, yet when needed, offer many benefits. Complete dentures offer a person the confidence to smile without fear of exposing embarrassing teeth. Dentures allow a person the ability to talk clearly again and chew food they could not otherwise enjoy with missing teeth. Appliances are the means by which an artificial or replacement tooth or teeth are attached and secured to an existing tooth, teeth or crown(s) to holding the artificial tooth in place.

There are a variety of both partials and full dentures. Complete dentures are sometimes available as an immediate denture that are put in during the same appointment when your last tooth is removed. Those who have remaining implants after having all their teeth extracted may have an overdenture which is a type of complete denture partially supported by the remaining implants and roots named a overdenture. Tooth replacement appliances are held in by clipping onto an existing tooth, teeth or crown filling in gaps where teeth have been pulled or lost known as a partial. The older more conventional partial is a type of tooth replacement hooked onto some of your current teeth or crowns. When the replacement appliance is attached to one or more permanent crowns, it is known as a precision partial.

Dental implants begin with a dentist implanting a synthetic tooth root into your jaw in order to serve as the foundation holding a replacement bridge or tooth. Implants are the optimal choice if you have good oral health and have lost a tooth or teeth due to an injury or periodontal disease. It is high-tech and perhaps less painful than having your teeth pulled and replaced. Implants are better for saving remaining teeth than traditional bridgework because it does not put stress on the surrounding teeth depending on them for support. Given the option, implants are a good choice.

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