Dentures in St. Petersburg can Easily Replace Missing Teeth

by | Mar 13, 2014 | Dental Care

People can lose many of their teeth because of an accident or disease. Dentures St. Petersburg are the most common way to replace many lost teeth. If a patient loses all of their teeth then they need complete dentures. If two or three teeth are missing then the dentist might recommend a partial denture. Dentures are made of plastic and porcelain and look like the patient’s natural gums and teeth. Some dentists place dentures on a patient’s gums as soon as the teeth have been extracted. These are called immediate dentures and act as a band-aid to protect the gums as they heal. Because the gums change in shape as they heal and the swelling goes down, immediate dentures have to be reshaped.

Conventional dentures are placed in the mouth after the gums have completely healed. This is usually at least eight weeks. Many dentists prefer to wait even longer. Patients will be pleased at how natural the teeth and gums look. Most people will never guess that the person is wearing complete dentures. However, some people worry about using dentures in public after seeing what their grandparents went through. Dental implants have revolutionized the way that dentures adhere to the gums. Traditionally denture wearers had to rely on adhesives to hold the dentures in place. Sometimes the adhesive would allow either the upper or lower denture to slip while the person was speaking. Occasionally a denture would lose its seal while the person was eating. Many people were concerned that this would happen at a business luncheon or some other public event.

Today, dentists at the NuSmile Dental Office use dental implants to stabilize Dentures St. Petersburg. These are small titanium implants that are inserted into the jaw, after it it has healed from the tooth extractions. Instead of placing a porcelain crown on the tooth to replace a tooth, a small round metal ball is placed on the implant. The location of the implant matches the location of slots in the bottom of the denture. A denture wearer takes a their clean dentures and just snaps them into place in the morning. The dental implants give many denture wearers a confidence that they never had before. Visit website for more information.

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