Don’t Ignore your Family Dentist During Your Pregnancy

When you realize you’re pregnant, you’re whole world changes. Instead of think about yourself, you suddenly realize you’re carrying around a tiny life, and that everything you do effects your unborn challenge. This realization can create questions about your dental health that you’ve never had before.

When you’re carrying a child, your body needs an increased amount of calcium. If you don’t ingest the calcium your growing child requires, your teeth will be affected, the calcium will get drained away from the enamel, increasing the chances of you breaking a tooth or developing cavities. If you’re carrying multiple children, there’s an increased risk of dental problems.

In addition to worrying about the possibility of broken teeth and increased cavities, the changes in your hormone levels have also caused some women to struggle with gum issues. In addition to be being more sensitive and bleeding more easily than they have ever bled before, there’s an increased risk of you developing gum disease. Neo-natal doctors have noticed that when a women struggles with gum disease during her pregnancy, there’s an increased risk of her going into labor early. As soon as you discover you’re pregnant, you should book an appointment with your family dentist Austin TX and have your gums examined. If you crave foods with a high sugar content while pregnant, it increases the odds of you experiencing oral health problems. Most dentists’ advice replacing your current toothbrush with a softer model.

The one thing you shouldn’t do while pregnant is ignore your oral health. If anything you should increase the number of times you visit your family dentist. A single infection, no matter how minor it might seem to you, can impact your unborn child’s development. The sooner you family dentist is able to examine your mouth and treat things like cavities, chipped teeth, and other problems, the greater the chances of you getting through the situation without having to take a heavy course of antibiotics. While it’s important to address immediate oral health issues, cosmetic work can be put off until after your child is born.

When you have an appointment with your family dentist in Austin TX you will want to let them know you’re pregnant. Advanced knowledge allows them to look for early indicators that there could be a problem with your health that will worsen more quickly than if you weren’t pregnant. The heads up also gives them time to decide whether or not they want to use an x-ray to examine your mouth. Most dentists will try to avoid taking x-rays while you’re pregnant.

If you’re checkup reveals that you do need more extensive dental work done, you and your family dentist will have to decide on a course of action regarding pain killers.

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