Easy And Effective Solutions For Teeth Whitening in NYC

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Dentist

Dingy teeth are a huge problem for many people. Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard, or how often, you brush your teeth never seem to brighten up. If this sounds like a familiar problem, you might need to look for additional help for a solution. Luckily there are several systems for Teeth Whitening in NYC that can help to brighten your smile. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising ones and what they have to offer.

The most popular whitening solution is toothpaste. We’re not talking about the plain toothpaste you use to brush your teeth everyday. Although plain toothpaste can do a lot to clean your teeth, and eliminate bacteria, it doesn’t have the whitening agents needed to remove stains. Tooth whitening toothpaste has special chemicals, such as carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, that work to ‘lift’ the stains from the areas in your enamel. With the right toothpaste you can have your teeth a shade or two lighter in no time.

Other popular solutions are the over-the-counter products you find at drug stores. These stores have numerous strips, gels, and DIY whitening kits that can all be used to lift stains. The strips are usually thin, clear, and coated with a special whitening gel. If you apply the strips once or twice a day, for several weeks, you should see a significant difference. The whitening results should last you for several months as well.

If you’ve tried the at-home solutions, and none of them have worked, it might be time to get your Teeth Whitening in NYC done by a professional. Almost every dentist provides in-office whitening. This method is preferred because the whitening methods used by dentists are much more powerful, effective, and long lasting. Dentists often use specialized whitening gel as well as a dental laser. Depending on how much whitening you need you may need to schedule several sessions in order to see desired results. Once all sessions are completed you can expect to have a bright smile for five or six months.

Use these teeth whitening methods if you have dingy or darkened teeth. They all provide a safe and effective solution for getting the smile you’ve always wanted.

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