Enjoy Eating With Help From a Dentist for Dentures in Honolulu

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Dental, Dental Care, Dentist, Dentistry

When a person has problems with multiple caries, it may be time to consider other options. In certain cases, it may be possible to save some portion of the teeth. These can be useful as the base for certain dental repairs and generally includes a crown to hold everything together. Alternately, the dentist may suggest extracting the damaged teeth and using replacements. A dentist for dentures in Honolulu can eliminate the tormenting ache of damaged teeth and create a unique smile using properly designed dentures.

Dentures aren’t an easy alternative. Patients need to consider how the new dental plates will affect their gum tissue and the inevitable shrinkage that will occur. Plus, dentures need to be cleaned daily. This process includes brushing the teeth and letting them soak in a denture solution. Dentures can also affect the way that food is eaten. Many foods that required biting may need to be cut into smaller, more manageable sizes.

It is important to remember that the new dentures will feel odd for a while. It can be tough to eat because it feels like the dentures are taking up all available space. However, this problem will fade as the dentures are worn. It may help to spend some time chewing dental grade (nonstick) chewing gum. This helps the person adjust to the prosthetic and builds tiny muscles that help hold the plate in place.

When it is time to visit a Dentist for Dentures in Honolulu, be sure to consider all aspects of the situation. For example, the color and size of the teeth are extremely important. If the replacement teeth are too large, then it may be difficult to eat properly. Patients should also keep in mind that dentures are much softer than real teeth. Breakage can be a problem. In fact, some damage could result in an oral injury. Thankfully, most dentures will crack instead of shatter and this helps to reduce any chance of damage. If these will be the first set of dentures, then the patient may also wish to get one plate at a time. Doing this will give each jaw extra time to heal.

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