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by | May 10, 2013 | Dentist

Routine dental visits can be an action which inspires fear in many children and adults. The fear of the dentist can stem from childhood, where the threat of a dental visit was used to persuade tooth brushing, or from adulthood, where a past unpleasant or painful experience has created a dental fear. For adults, avoidance of routine dental visits may become a way to cope with any dental fears. However, avoiding routine dental visits can lead to any number of health issues such as gingivitis, unnatural tooth decay, cavities, and even oral cancers. To avoid such oral health issues, there are ways to cope with the fears of visiting the dentist. Two ways to cope with these fears are the knowledge of advancements which dentists murrieta have made, and the knowledge of certain calming medications which are available to patients through a dentist.

Over the years, many advancements in tools and techniques have been made in the dental industry and have been made widely available to any dentist murrieta CA CA. One change in tools used by dentists murrieta deals with the needles used for local anesthesia. Needles used to be large in size and girth, but new needles are available which are small and thin. By using the new needles, that patient of a dentist murrieta may have less pain and fear for future visits. An advancement in dental techniques is the use of air-abrasion instead of dental drills to perform deep cleanings and removal of tooth decay. The air-abrasion technique completes the same task as the drill, but without the sound that often inspires anxiety driven attacks for patients. If the knowledge of new tools and techniques does not ease the fear of a dental visit, calming medications may be used. One calming medication available is a numbing gel which is placed on the gum area prior to the dental visit. Having the gum area already numb prior to the visit may ease pain and the fear of pain for the patient. There are many options available for the patient who has fears of dental visits. People who have dental fears have access to the knowledge that can help them avoid dental health disasters instead of avoiding routine dental care.

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