Four Ways to Finance Your Implant Dentistry Massapequa Procedure

Getting a dental implant can be a costly procedure, but it’s definitely one worth having if you have missing teeth, misaligned teeth or even teeth with severe decay. This procedure will help restore your teeth and give you a bright new smile once again. But how do you pay for dental implants if your insurance company won’t cover them or if you simply don’t have insurance? Here are some ways you can finance your implant dentistry Massapequa procedure.

Ask Your Dentist

There are many dental clinics that offer in-house financing for their patients. You can work out a payment plan for your implant dentistry procedure and pay it off over the course of several months or even a couple years. Even if they don’t offer in-house financing, they generally work with other financing companies that you can use as an option.

Ask for a List of Lenders

If your dental clinic has lenders that they work with for the more involved and expensive procedures, ask for the names of those companies. Then take the list home and start calling the companies. Ask about the terms and conditions of the loans that they offer. Also, ask about the interest rates, the length of the loan and other questions you feel are necessary to help you make a decision on which company to work with.

Contact Your Medical Insurance Provider

Most insurance policies will not cover Implant Dentistry Massapequa NY procedures. However, if you can show that the problems you are having with your teeth are caused by a medical issue, there is a chance that your dental implants will be covered. Check with your dentist about this possibility so they can give you the proper documentation to submit to your health insurance agent.

Apply for a Personal Loan

Personal loans are available to people who have a decent credit history. The nice thing about personal loans is that they can be used for just about any reason you can think of. That means you can use your loan to pay for your implant dentistry procedures. Ask your dental clinic how much your procedure is going to cost before applying for the loan so you know how much you will need to have. Also, ask if there is a discount for paying for your procedure upfront. Many dentists will reduce your payment by a certain percentage if you pay the total bill prior to the procedure rather than making payments for months afterwards.

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