General Dentistry In California MD Will Improve Your Oral And Overall Health

An individual’s health starts with outstanding oral health. Regular cleanings and checkups can eliminate excessive bacteria from destroying an individual’s teeth or causing decay. General Dentistry in California MD offers this type of health care and many other services to improve a patient’s self-esteem and confidence.

Teeth Whitening

Another service an experienced dentist will offer is teeth whitening. This type of procedure is much easier and faster than using a kit from a pharmacy or grocery store. The solution is more concentrated and can remove stains and take years off of an individual’s smile.

Straighter Teeth

Straightening teeth today is much easier for teenagers and adults. Invisalign can provide a patient with a series of retainers that will move their teeth into the proper position. The retainers can be removed during meals or brushing, and are barely noticeable like metal braces.

Sleep Apnea

This type of condition is very serious because an individual can stop breathing. Using a CPAP machine to correct this problem can be expensive and inconvenient. With the help of General Dentistry in California MD, a dental appliance can be designed to eliminate this problem.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can cause headaches, shifting of the teeth, difficulty chewing food and alter an individual’s facial structure. Dental implants offer a permanent solution. Dental implants require a titanium post to be inserted into the jaw bone and a crown will be attached for a natural appearance.

Discolored, Chips, And Gaps

If the teeth are discolored, chipped, or there’s a gap between an individual’s teeth, they can dramatically improve their smile with veneers. Veneers are a thin piece of porcelain that can be attached to the front of a tooth. It can hide flaws in the teeth and is a non-invasive procedure.

Full And Partial Dentures

A limited amount of teeth can cause confidence and health problems. Dentures can be designed specifically for a patient and will provide a restored facial structure. An experienced dentist can design dentures to look and feel completely natural.

If you’re interested in restoring your smile, self-confidence, and oral health, it’s important to visit a dentist on a regular basis and discuss any concerns you have with them. For more information, please visit

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