Gentle Periodontal Care in Chicago

When your general dentist says that you have gum disease, you might wonder just what that means. Gum disease refers to the area of soft tissue around your teeth. If this tissue becomes diseased, it has serious impacts on the health of your teeth and jaws. Gum disease can also have detrimental impacts on the rest of your body. Our periodontists in Chicago offer gentle and compassionate care to treat a spectrum of oral health conditions.

We commonly treat periodontitis, which is inflammation of the gum tissue. This is an advanced form of gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gingiva around your teeth. Bacteria grow in the soft tissue. This causes swelling and inflammation. Your gums might bleed. They may turn from a healthy pink color to an angry red color. As the condition worsens, the bacteria move deeper into your soft tissue. They can cause the gums to pull back away from the roots of your teeth. Your teeth might get loose or even shift out of their proper position.

As gum disease continues, you could lose one or more of your teeth. The bacteria can get into the roots of the teeth, causing intense pain and infection. Periodontal treatment is designed to halt the process before it gets this serious. We offer specialty cleanings that aim to remove bacteria from around the base and roots of your teeth. If you have an oral abscess, we drain it and treat it with antibiotics. We also offer education and assistance with good oral hygiene and lifestyle changes for improved health.

When you are in need of a periodontist in Chicago, let our associates at Dental Specialists of North Shore be your first choice. You may also learn more about our periodontal services online.

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