Getting Teeth Whitened in East Hanover

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Dental Services

Dentistry has come a long way. Not only can patients get cleaning, crowns, and root canals, but several different types of cosmetic dentistry as well – all in the same practice.

One type of cosmetic dentistry frequently sought out is Teeth Whitening East Hanover. This procedure focus on one of the things people first notice about others, their smile. The Lumalite form of this procedure is surprisingly quick and designed for people with sensitive teeth.

Over time, teeth can become discolored by smoking, drinking tea or coffee, age, or some medications. Fortunately, teeth whitening can lighten teeth, giving them a younger and healthier look. Although tooth sensitivity caused by the whitening process is a major concern for many patients, especially to those with already sensitive teeth, this is not an issue with Lumalite.

Because the actual structure of the the tooth is not altered in this technique, it is ideal for patients suffering from sensitivity. Not only is the tooth structure not changed, but the procedure does not damage or harm the enamel. During the whitening process, a unique whitening gel made of hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth and then exposed to special lights using a particular wavelength in order to oxidize the gel. Once that portion of the application process is complete, the gel is removed then repeated until the desired whiteness is achieved. At no time is the procedure invasive or involves drills or needles. Because both the upper and lower teeth are treated at the same time, it is a one-visit only procedure.

Patients looking for a General Dentist in addition to Teeth Whitening East Hanover a frequently looking for a dentist that offers traditional dental procedures. Some of the services offered include cleanings, fillings, root canals, and other preventive or corrective services. Having these services as well as cosmetic procedures under the same roof is a great convenience to patients.

Healthy teeth and gums are a significant part of overall wellness and health. Good oral hygiene practices increase the longevity of natural teeth and their look can be enhanced with cosmetic services such as Teeth Whitening East Hanover.

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