How a Dentist in Oceanville Deals With Cavities

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Dental Care

Despite the many efforts that the health sector has made to improve dental health care, dental problems still remain to be the most popular health complications in the country. This is probably because not many people think seriously about the importance of dental hygiene until they have a dental emergency. One of the most common dental health issues is cavities. Here, is how an experienced dentist in Oceanville deals with cavities.


Cavities are mainly a result of poor dental hygiene. They occur when a person keeps eating starchy and sugary foods but doesn’t brush teeth well afterwards. The starch that sticks to the teeth is broken down by mouth bacteria forming acid. The acid continuously corrodes the tooth, eating away the enamel and dentin, leading to cavities. You can tell that you are developing cavities if:

*   You experience tooth sensitivity when you take foods that are either too hot or too cold.
*   When you are having endless toothaches

Treatment options

The treatment alternatives for cavities depend on the extent of the damage. Below are the most common treatment options.


This alternative is only available if the cavity hasn’t started eating away at the pulp cavity. What the dentist does is that they clean and sterilize the crack. After the cleaning has been done, the dentist will use a sealant to cover the tooth and protect it from further damage.

Root canal

A root canal is the procedure followed when the cavity has reached all the way to the pulp cavity. The dentist, after assessing the damage, carefully removes all the decayed material inside the cavity. They then clean the hollow space thoroughly to kill bacteria and discourage further infection. After the sterilization, the tooth is sealed.

Tooth removal

There are certain instances whereby a tooth could be removed completely. For instance, if the decay has affected the root of the tooth and the gum, the dentist may opt to remove the tooth. After the removal, they will suggest either dental implants, bonding or dentures to fill the gap.

That is a brief insight on how a dentist in Oceanville deals with cavities. Besides cavities, they also perform cosmetic dentistry procedures. To find out more,

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