How a Root Canal in New Iberia, LA Can Save Your Tooth

Root canals are dental procedures that are designed to save teeth. Therefore, you need to strongly consider the procedure if you have a tooth that is badly decayed. By choosing to have the procedure performed, you can maintain your smile cosmetically and functionally.

When Root Canals Are Usually Recommended

A dental procedure such as a root canal offers a direct remedy for relieving dental pain and saving a tooth. A patient often needs the procedure done when his or her tooth is infected or inflamed at the roots.

How Root Canals Are Performed

To perform a root canal in New Iberia, LA, the dentist removes the pulp from the tooth before cleaning, disinfecting, and shaping the canals. He or she then places a filling to seal and protect the empty space.

A More Cost-Effective Approach

According to dentists, a root canal procedure is virtually free of pain. In fact, the procedure is less uncomfortable than having a tooth extracted. Root canals are also more effective with respect to results and cost. If a tooth is extracted, the patient typically needs to add a bridge, denture, or implant, each of which can increase the expense.

Adding a Crown

After root canals are performed, the dentist adds an artificial tooth in the form of a crown. Not only does the prosthetic function the same as a natural tooth but it also looks the same as a real tooth. If you want to learn more about how root canals are facilitated or how to proceed with this type of process, talk to a dental provider who features the surgery.

Who to Contact for Further Details

Babineaux Family Dental is an example of a dental office that offers roots canals and same-day crowns. Do all that you can to preserve your smile. By opting for this type of procedure, you will feel more positive about the results with respect to both aesthetics and cost.

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