How Digital Tomography is Used by a Dentist in Edison

Digital tomography is one of the newest dental techniques that a dentist in Edison is capable of taking care of. This is a technique relating to how your teeth are analyzed. It’s like a three-dimensional version of an x-ray. It gives your dentist a better idea of the exact kind of dental treatment that you need to get out of a service. It makes it easier to see what you could be getting from your dentist.

How Is This Controlled?

The problem with traditional x-rays for dental purposes is that they tend to handle only a few angles of a tooth. This could provide for a good readout but the scope might be limited depending on what is being handled. A digital tomography procedure can be a little more detailed in terms of what it reads out. This is thanks to how the procedure is controlled.

The process of digital tomography works by using a large x-ray computer device that goes around the head. It is used to scan the areas inside of the mouth at multiple angles. The best way to describe the device used here is that it’s like a CT scanner but a little more mobile and a whole lot smaller in size. It’s also difference in that the radiation that comes out of it is extremely minimal when compared to what a traditional x-ray uses.

Why Is It Used?

The reasons for using digital tomography are too great to ignore. A dentist in Edison can use this to diagnose conditions all around your teeth and gums. These include not only issues inside each tooth but also issues involving the jaw and anything that might grow around the area. It uses a more holistic approach to keeping the teeth healthy.

This treatment is also made to create a three-dimensional look at the teeth. The goal is to find how each angle of the teeth is handled so the treatment is covered the right way. It’s needed so you can get your teeth prepared for all kinds of treatment options that your dentist might recommend for you. It especially works well when getting an orthodontic treatment ready.

Is It a Safe Procedure?

The amount of radiation that comes from digital tomography is very minimal. It is about ten percent what might come out of a traditional x-ray. This means that you should be protected from the risks that come with an x-ray when you need to get dental issues diagnosed. You should be aware of this if you want to get a good treatment going because it can involve making sure that your teeth are being scanned while you are still being protected.

Your dental needs should be treated with care. A dentist in Edison can make this care a little easier to handle and prepare with digital tomography. This form of inspecting the teeth is used to protect your teeth so they can be healthy and easy to inspect and treat. It is all needed to keep things comfortable without creating the same guesswork or radiation exposure that come with x-rays.

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