How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist?

by | Mar 5, 2012 | Dentist

Over half a century ago, people rarely visit a dental professional to have their teeth checked up. Prospective military recruits who underwent dental examinations revealed that Americans’ teeth were somewhat in bad shape. People, at that time, simply do not consider oral health as a priority. Although the number of dentists would have been sufficient to serve the public, there were no guidelines as to how often people should see a dental practitioner. You could simply imagine how serious dental problems were during those years. Because of this trend, dentists at that time have become more focused on restorative procedures rather than promotive and preventative.

In the recent years, dental health organizations have decided to set standards to control this trend. Dentists in Mount Prospect, IL recommend dental consult at least every six months. This recommendation hopes to realize the goal of the dental community to steer towards preventative and promotive measures. While the prescription is not actually based on a thorough scientific study, the six-month period can effectively offset any brewing dental problem. Through regular checkup and cleaning, the overall oral health and teeth condition can be monitored preventing any possible issue to blow up.

Dental visits every six months has become the standard rule followed by dentists worldwide. No matter how meticulous you are with your oral hygiene, regular dental consultations are still necessary. Dentists in Mount Prospect, IL can detect problems that you may not normally notice or feel. Majority of dental problems are not easily recognizable. Often than not, dental conditions only become apparent once pain sets in. And unfortunately, the problem would be in its more advanced stage. Some of the dental problems that you might easily overlook include gum diseases, cavities and oral cancer. With regular visits, your dentist can detect early signs of disease and treat them while at the manageable stage.

Biannual dental checkups work well for most people since it does not take too much of their schedule. However, this recommended period may not be the best for everyone. Some may need more frequent or lesser visits. Those who are prone to develop tartar or cavities may be instructed to come back to the dental more often. Similarly, patients who are under supervised treatment of gum diseases or dental conditions may also need to frequently see the dentist more regularly. Those who are considered high risk of developing dental disease are often recommended to set an appointment with their dentist in Mount Prospect, IL at least every three to four months. Individuals who are considered high-risk include diabetics, smokers, people with suppressed immune system, people who have current dental problems and those who tend to develop plaque faster.

Appointment with your dentist may also change over time. For instance, if you are experiencing increased stress or suffering from an illness, you may need to increase the number of visits. Furthermore, there are also unforeseen instances such as knocked out teeth, gum infections or acute pain that may force you to visit the dentist more often. On the other hand, if the dentist is satisfied with your overall oral health and doesn’t find any impending problem, the dentist may recommend lengthening the interval between visits.

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