How to Determine Whether Teeth Whitening in Pomona is Right for You

Teeth Whitening in Pomona has become more accessible, because of the variety of methods available. Before you consider getting your teeth whitened, you should visit your dentist – they’ll be able to determine which method will work best for you, and the cleaning you’ll get will help you get better whitening results. Read on for more information on the whitening process.

Professional Whitening: Are you a Good Candidate?

Everyone wants a whiter smile, but in-office treatments aren’t for everyone. Teeth Whitening in Pomona isn’t appropriate in the following situations:

     *     Teeth that have been bonded, those that have white fillings, and those that have been restored cannot be whitened with products containing carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. The color of such restorations is a match for surrounding teeth, and the artificial materials won’t whiten any more than the original shade. If you get your natural teeth whitened, the restored teeth will look unnatural.

     *    Teeth that have been stained internally, root canalled or discolored because of a developmental condition cannot be whitened effectively. Here, permanent restoration or internal whitening may be a consideration.

     *    Naturally grey or brown teeth may not exhibit the best results. Professional whiteners work best on teeth with a yellow color.

     *    Nursing and pregnant women should not have their teeth whitened. There is insufficient research proving the safety and efficacy of pro whiteners in lactating and pregnant women.

     *    Those with sensitive teeth should reconsider the whitening process, as it has been shown to enhance sensitivity.

The Whitening Process

Tooth enamel is clear to partially translucent, and the dentin underneath can be black, brown, gray or yellow. To whiten dentin, a solution is applied to the enamel, opening the pores. As the solution seeps down to the dentin, that layer is lightened and teeth look whiter. There are several types of in-home whiteners promising noticeable results, but take-home and in-office pro treatments are the most effective. Click here

When having Teeth Whitening in Pomona, it is important to set your expectations to a realistic level. It may take multiple treatments to achieve the desired result, and those results are not permanent. Results vary from one person to another, and your Teeth Whitening Dentist can help you choose the method that fits your budget and your needs. To maintain your whiter smile, floss and brush daily – and get regular dental exams and cleanings.



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