How to find a Good Dentist in NYC

by | Mar 7, 2013 | Dentist

We should all visit a good dentist at some point in our lives, and as is typically suggested, we should be visiting a dentist on a fairly regular basis in order to ensure continued good oral health. But many of us tend to slack off as adults, either because we have poor associations with dentists and dentistry in general, or because we feel like we have no time, or because we plain old forget. So, if you’ve suddenly realized that it’s been quite some time since you’ve seen a dentist, you may need to start the search for one.

Modern technology has made it very easy for us to search for the things we need, and dentists are no exception. An internet search can help you locate most, if not all, dentists in your general area and will give you the ability to narrow down your choices based on location if accessibility is a concern. If you haven’t got an internet connect in your home, nearly all public libraries provide computers free for use for their patrons—though if you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a computer. So, after you’ve found the dentists in your area, you should check to see if they have websites—most do. Be sure to read over their sites thoroughly to get an overall feel for what the dentist’s practice may be like. A good dentist will have a comprehensive site that talks about what sort of procedures they offer, and if the practice is home to multiple dentists, each should have their own page with a brief biography of sorts. This is helpful in determining how long the dentist has been practicing, what his education is, and what, if anything, he specializes in.

Cost is likely to be a concern for many of us, so if you’re lucky enough to have dental insurance, check to see if the dentist’s practice accepts it. If you don’t have dental coverage, check to see if they will offer you financing or if they expect payment at the time of services. Each dentist’s office will be different when it comes to payment policies, so always be sure to know up front which ones will be able to accommodate whatever your needs may be.

Once you’ve selected a dentist from your list of choices, go ahead and call to make an appointment. Keep one or two others in mind as backup choices should the first one you select be unable to take on new patients at the time of your call. Once you’ve set an appointment, assess your new dentist once you’re there. If you like his demeanor and style, you’re good to go. If not, you’re never obligated to stay with them. Keep searching until you find the one that fits perfectly with your needs.


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