How to Go about Teeth Whitening

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Dentist

One of the most important aspects of your teeth is their colour. Healthy teeth should be white in colour. Therefore, when your teeth are not white, it is time to see a dentist to understand why. The colour of your teeth plays a huge role in determining your smile. Most people with teeth that are not the right colour will not be confident about their smiles. They will constantly try to hide it. This is why people think of teeth whitening in Indianapolis IN as a solution.

Teeth whitening is mostly sought by people to improve their appearance. As a result, it is mainly categorised under the procedures offered under cosmetic dentistry. There are different ways that you could pursue to get your teeth white. It is important to note that consulting your dentist is the best way to deal with any issue relating with your teeth. The discolouration of teeth is a process and you should seek help immediately you notice that your teeth have started changing colour. The different ways that you could go about teeth whitening include:

1. Whitening toothpastes and rinses- There are many types of toothpaste in the market that can be used to help in teeth whitening. These toothpastes can be bought over the counter. It is important to ask your dentist for suggestions on the type of toothpaste to buy. The rinses also work the same way as a regular mouthwash would work but they have an added whitening property. These are mainly used for teeth discoloration that is not serious. They whiten a person’s teeth by about one colour shade. These products mainly contain hydrogen peroxide that is a mild abrasive. These products to not contain bleach and that is why they only remove surface stains.
2. Whitening strips or gels- These are also bought over the counter. They are strips that contain hydrogen peroxide. You are required to place the strip over your teeth for a few minutes in a day over a period of fourteen days. Short term results of teeth whitening will be seen after a few days but long term effects takes several months. These also work only for surface stain removal.

3. Bleaching- This is the most effective way of getting your teeth white. You have to see a dentist to be able to get this procedure done. The bleach is applied directly to your teeth with the help of heat or laser. The process does not take long but is extremely effective. If you have very deep stains then you are advised to book several appointments to get the needed result. Many people avoid this procedure because of the cost. The results of this procedure are instant.

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