How to Prepare Your Child For Their Visit to The Orthodontist Near Glendale

It is not always easy to take a frightened child to the orthodontist near Glendale, AZ, but visiting the dentist is important for maintaining their overall oral health. You may need to take several approaches to help them through their appointment, especially if one approach has not worked in the past. Use the following tips to prepare your child for their next dentist appointment.

Stay Positive

When it comes to the dentist, it is important to keep a positive attitude. If your child asks you any questions, avoid using any words that discuss pain, discomfort, or dental equipment. You also want to stay positive about your own dentist appointments. Children are great at reading your vibes, and displaying a negative attitude toward the dentist is not going to help them feel better.

Pretend Play

A game is another way to prepare your child for their visit to the orthodontist near Glendale, AZ. One idea is to pretend to be a dentist who is checking, counting, and cleaning your child’s teeth. You can also let your child pretend to be your dentist. Encourage your child to tell their dentist about the game to help them feel more excited about the appointment.

Comfort Items

Finally, be sure to let your child bring a comfort item to their dentist appointment. A favorite teddy bear, action figure, book, or security blanket can go a long way when your child is feeling nervous. If your child has a favorite song, you can always let them listen to it with headphones in the waiting room.

If you keep the above tips in mind, you are sure to find a way to prepare your child for future visits to the orthodontist near Glendale, AZ.

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