How You and Your Dentist in Glenholden can Make Your Implants Last

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Dental Services

Implant treatment, once finished, needs clinical supervision and proper maintenance to ensure that good oral health is preserved. Thus, contrary to popular belief, the implants are not “lifetime.” They have considerable durability (10 to 15 years on average), but the durability can be greater than other dental rehabilitation if they are properly maintained. This is conditioned by several factors, one of which is proper maintenance. The person wearing the implants is responsible for safeguarding their implants outside the office, and he or she must follow the directions of their Dentist in Glenolden. From there, we can summarize a couple of massively important tips listed below. Visit Aldan Family Dental to get more information on dentistry.

*     Avoid tobacco products. Tobacco is as close to an enemy of the body as medicine will ever see. In dentistry, especially when it comes to teeth and gums, this can never be a truer statement. Dental Implants survive only if there is great hygiene involved, and smoking isn’t a pre-requisite of great dental health. Periodontal disease is usually a major factor when implants are present. We should note that periodontal disease is often the factor behind a person losing their teeth.

*     Maintaining proper oral hygiene. With all the instruments at your disposal, you should have no problem doing so. This means a toothbrush, dental floss and interproximal brushes. Also, it is very important for you to think about using a mouthwash. This is for proper sanitation reasons, especially if your implant prosthesis is fixed. Oral irrigators also work well, driving through a cannula with water pressure, which reaches to clean corners in the mouth, which would otherwise be very difficult to access. They run on rechargeable batteries and have different sizes, allowing you to carry them on trips. As for mouthwash, your Dentist in Glenolden will advise you on the most recommended one in your case. Normally, it is best to use one with a low percentage of chlorhexidine, as it is a great antiseptic.

It is essential that you go to see your Dentist in Glenolden for periodic reviews, usually annually. The dentist can keep track of the status of your implants, bone level around them, and see if there are gingival pockets that have a possible presence of infections. Visit website

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