How Young Should You Start Pediatric Dentistry Service in Oahu, HI?

Good dental hygiene and dental health are absolutely critical to a child’s development. Helping them grow healthy teeth is a great way to keep them eating healthy, reduce dental pain, and teach great dental habits. You should take your child to a dentist every six months or at least once a year. Dentists differ on how early you should do this, but going early in a child’s life is great for establishing a rapport with a pediatric dentistry service.

Establish a Rapport

Many people have an anxiety around the dentist, and oftentimes, it develops when they are children. Therefore, if you can familiarize your child with a pediatric dentistry service in Oahu, HI early in life, they will be less likely to develop that anxiety. That means they’ll be quicker to visit the dentist, establish good dental habits, and maintain healthy teeth throughout their lives.

Pediatric dentists differ on how early you should take your child to the dentist, but the general rule of thumb is within six months of their first tooth emerging. The first teeth begin emerging at about six months, so that means within a year. Call Pediatric Dentistry Associates and ask about your first dental appointment for your child.

First Appointment

The first appointment at a pediatric dentistry service usually doesn’t involve much actual work. The child will only have one or two teeth at the time. The dentist will likely look at the direction of the teeth to make sure they’re growing in properly. They’ll also talk with your child to try to make the child comfortable.

As your child begins to grow more teeth, they’ll need actual dental care. It’s best for them to already feel comfortable about going to the dentist. Those skills they learn at the dentist will help them establish good habits that will become even more important when their adult teeth begin to grow in. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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