Improving The Quality of Your Life With Panama City FL Dental Implants

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Dental Services

If you are suffering with damaged or missing teeth, you may want to consider the benefits of dental implants. They not only improve the look of your mouth, but they are also functional and can improve the quality of your life. The following are a few reasons why Panama City FL Dental Implants can improve your quality of life.


Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants are very comfortable to wear and feel quite natural. As your jawbone begins to shrink from resorption, the dentures will begin to undergo a change also. The change in the jawbone will allow your dentures to begin to shift and slip, which can eventually lead to them falling out of your mouth. The dental implants are made into your gums, so essentially they are a part of your body. You will never have to worry about slipping or severe discomfort with dental implants.


Your speech will never become mumbled or slurred with Panama City FL Dental Implants because they feel exactly like your original teeth. Dentures, however, are known to drastically change your speech due to the slipping and shifting. When the dentures begin to shift, you immediate reaction is to tense up your mouth, which will result in unintelligible speech. You should speak with your dentist if you notice you dentures slipping because it could eventually lead to very painful gum sores due to the poor fit.


On average, a person with dentures will eat with about 20 percent efficiency when compared to someone with dental implants. As you jawbone behind deteriorating, your chewing function will begin to be reduced significantly, in turn making it much more difficult for you to eat. Using dental implants, you will eat like you always have with your normal teeth and you never have to avoid foods such as corn or hard candy.

When and if you decide to get dental implants, call the knowledgeable staff at Des Moines Dental Group for a consultation. The have four locations to provide you with a variety of dental procedures such as dental implants and routine cleanings. Dr. Windham and his staff can schedule you a consultation to evaluate what type of dental procedures will benefit you and offer you the best quality of life.

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