Information About Partial Dentures and How Your Emergency Dentist in Lawnside Can Help

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Dental Care

A partial denture can replace lost teeth, or it can replace a single tooth, but it can also be used if you only have a few teeth left. Partial dentures are attached to the remaining teeth with braces. Some of the hangers should be placed on the masticating surface, so your teeth may bear part of the chewing pressure. It also makes the teeth easier to manage, and it feels less like a complete prosthesis.

It’s a common misconception that a properly constructed denture damages the remaining teeth. Shorting cannot gnaw a hole in the teeth because the tooth enamel is too hard. Thorough daily brushing of teeth and dentures prevent holes and decay in the tooth enamel. Thus, the reason for your Emergency Dentist in Lawnside to suggest routine maintenance and daily oral hygiene.

Several kinds of partial dentures

A denture can be prepared in a number of different materials. The cheapest form consists of prosthetic teeth, which sits on a piece of acrylic (plastic), which is similar to your gums. It can be equipped with hard steel wire hangers, which helps to keep the prosthesis in place. This type of prosthesis is used mostly as a temporary solution.

A much better shape for the partial dentures is the one with a molded frame. Here, the hoops and any plates are made of cast metal (usually a mixture of chromium and cobalt). This hard metal has great strength, which means that dentists use it in very thin layers. A partial denture with a cast frame can be designed so that it takes less than an acrylic denture.

Why should dentures be grounded on teeth?

In order to ensure that the dentures stay in place, it is necessary that the emergency dentist at Cherry Hill Family Dental PA in Lawnside grinds on the natural teeth. These small cuts will not hurt your teeth because they are usually only ground on enamel.

How long does a partial denture last?

A partial denture is a good and lasting treatment. If you make sure to clean teeth every day and get regular checkups at your local Cosmetic Dentistry office, you can enjoy your dentures for many years. On average, a denture lasts about 8-10 years, but there are no set rules as to how long the new prosthesis may or will hold. It depends on the type of prosthesis and how quickly the gum fades. Contact your local emergency dentist in Lawnside to schedule an appointment.

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