Information on Dental Implants in Laurel MT

The appearance of your teeth is important, but you also want to make sure your teeth are healthy and can function normally. When you are missing teeth, you are most likely dealing with both appearance issues and functionality. With missing teeth, you can experience self-esteem issues, problems with chewing certain foods and even difficulty in your speech. These issues can cause problems in your life, so most people begin searching for solutions when they have missing teeth. One of the most promising solutions is found through Dental Implants in Laurel MT. These implants replace your missing teeth, giving you back your confidence and your functionality.

How are Implants Put In?

When you go to your cosmetic dentist for an implant procedure, you will first be given anesthesia. The type of anesthesia you receive will depend on your health and how many implants you are having put in. Some dentists prefer to give their patients a local anesthesia unless they are having several implants put in during the same day. Once you have received anesthesia, the dentist will make an incision in your gum socket. This incision will be used to allow the dentist to place a surgical steel anchor into your jaw bone so it can later hold your artificial teeth.

When you have the metal anchors placed into the jaw bone, it will take a few weeks of recovery time before you are able to have the teeth put in. Most dentists require their patients heal for at least three weeks. It can take longer if you have certain health conditions. Once healed, the dentist will place your artificial teeth on each metal anchor. When in place, implants can last for many years and may even last a lifetime, with routine maintenance and proper care.

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