Is Invisalign Right for You?

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Dental Care

There are several ways to straighten your teeth. Each method requires time. An orthodontist will prescribe different retainers for you that will move your teeth into a straighter alignment. The incremental steps will slowly move your teeth in what is hopefully a painless way. There is sometimes some discomfort involved but it is largely painless. For most adults, the most desirable way to do this is with Invisalign Surrey BC, which is a series of clear plastic retainers.

Clear Plastic Retainers

Many children and teenagers have metal braces that straighten their teeth over time. In order to avoid having to deal with those bulky braces, many adults choose Invisalign. The system is fairly straightforward. You will go to the dentist where your teeth will be mapped. The dentist will then design the ideal alignment of your teeth. He or she will then order several different retainers, each one a little bit closer to the ideal than the last. You will wear each retainer for a couple of weeks as it moves your teeth.

After a few months, your teeth will be much straighter than when they started. The amount of time that it takes will depend on how much you need to move your teeth.

Time and Money

The invisible retainer system is oftentimes much more affordable than metal braces because it doesn’t have to be adjusted. You don’t have to adjust each individual retainer. Instead, you can just step to the next retainer in the cycle. It usually takes a few weeks on each retainer. The average amount of time that someone needs to use the system is about twelve months. After that time, your teeth should be as straight as they are going to be. You can find this procedure and many more at Visit the website You can also call New Age Dental Care at (636) 449-0215. They offer many ways to straighten your teeth; the dentist will offer you different options for achieving straighter teeth. You can follow them on Twitter for latest update!

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