Is Teeth Whitening in Wichita Kansas an Option for You?

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Dentistry

Whitening at the dentist is highly safe. The whitening agents even harden the tooth enamel. By scheduling a consult with your local dentist, you can learn more about how dental whitening can help your smile, how long they stay bright and what the process is.

How bleaching works

When undergoing bleaching, it’s especially important that the teeth are thoroughly investigated first. The bleaching gel is highly concentrated, which could lead to tooth irritation. This is especially the case when teeth have holes, cracks or when present fillings are leaking. Before the bleaching process begins, teeth are thoroughly cleaned and freed from deposits. Then, gums, lips and cheeks are protected via a protective gel that prevents irritation.

Many people want beautiful, white teeth. But why? Many people believe it’s because teeth emanate a youthful, vital and attractive effect. A person who has a beautiful smile can talk and laugh at ease. This is because people look first at the mouth. With professional bleaching or teeth whitening treatment in Wichita Kansas, your teeth will give you the completely new smile your confidence has been looking for.

The lips are internally lined with gauze, so they do not come into contact with the bleaching gel. Then the first layer of the bleaching gel is evenly applied to the teeth. The bleaching gel is allowed to act on the teeth for a set amount of time, which is determined by the dentist. Then the teeth are applied with a new layer. This process is done 3-4 times until the teeth have their desired brightness.

After about an hour, the protection of the gums and lips is removed and the patient can rinse. Then the patient can see the result for the first time. Most are shocked by the result. It’s always a pleasant experience when you can get the smile you want in less than an hour. It’s especially nice when teeth whitening in Wichita Kansas doesn’t hurt. In fact, it’s rare that teeth or gums are sensitive after the procedure. However, if you do experience this issue, it will quickly pass within a day or so. To learn more about dental whitening visit Dental Corner today.

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