Keep Your Mouth Happy With Help From an Emergency Dentist in Edison

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Dental Services

After many decades of struggling to find the best way to help patients with missing teeth, the dental profession finally developed what is often considered one of the most important advances in modern dentistry, Dental Implants. Implants allow a dentist to replace one or more missing teeth without hard to wear bridges or partial dentures and they do so with a more secure and realistic tooth replacement. The implant itself is a titanium or other inert material that is anchored into the jaw. Once the anchor is in place the stud will be covered with a crown to fill the gap.

Losing a tooth is only one of many emergencies requiring you to need the services of an Emergency Dentist in Edison. For example, a slip or fall could cause you to chip a tooth instead of knocking it loose. Alternately, your dental problem could be something painful like an impacted wisdom tooth or an infection from a cavity.

People of all ages will have the need for an Emergency Dentist in Edison. Children are prone to accidents that often affect their mouth and teeth which often go untreated. However, parents and dentists alike are beginning to recognize the importance of caring for a child’s baby teeth as well as their permanent teeth. Childhood cavities can cause a number of health issues from high fevers to infections in the blood stream. By repairing these teeth when the problem arises you might be saving your son or daughter a lot of problems down the line.

When your mouth is hurting from a painful cavity or broken tooth you don’t want to wait for a dental appointment. Thankfully, an Emergency Dentist in Edison can usually see you right away. Most dental offices such as Business Name will work you into their schedule with little or no waiting. This visit usually begins with a little discussion of the problem along with some x-rays to see how bad the damage actually is. If the problem is a cavity the dentist may simply remove the damaged tooth material and insert a temporary filling until you can visit your regular dental office or pull the tooth if you request it.

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