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by | Nov 14, 2011 | Dental Emergency

As dental emergency can happen at anytime, it is better to be prepared to face it. One of the most dreaded and feared incidents can be an accidental trauma in the mouth. Most times, painful tooth can be caused due to extremely cold or hot food and due to many other reasons.

 Problems like tooth fracture can arise due to grinding and heavy biting. It can also cause pain while chewing food. As any injury to your tooth can lead to serious problems, you should ever ignore emergency dental care.

 In case there is delay in treating tooth injury or if it is not treated through professional techniques, it can lead to severe damages to your blood vessels and nerves. Moreover, the chances of suffering from tooth infection are also pretty high if not treated at the right time.

 Very often, children trip and get hurt during their playtime which can result in child dental emergencies. As such events can occur at anytime, it is important for the parents to know what is to be done in such situations. Wearing mouth-guards can be a good preventative measure.

 Urgent medical dental care may be required during following cases –

 Toothache –

This can happen due to a number of different factors including infections and cavities. To determine the cause of toothache, you can softly floss around the tooth.

 Broken Jaw –

Whenever there is a fractured or broken jaw, emergency dental care is necessary. In case the damage is not severe, opting for a nearby dentist can be a viable option.

 Chipped or broken tooth –

If there is a bleeding, you must apply direct pressure on the gum below and above the tooth. It is also recommended to rinse the mouth and apply an ice pack. This will greatly help to avoid swelling till you visit the dentist.

Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care

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