Make sure the whole Family’s teeth are cared for in one place

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Dentistry

There are a few benefits to having family dentists in Gig Harbor, and the main one is that you and your family will be looked after by the same dentist. Of course dentists are bound by patient confidentiality just like doctors, so if you have a problem you find embarrassing, the only two people who will know about it would be you and your dentist.

Many people will opt for a dentist that offers a service like this because it’s possible to have one plan that covers the whole family, and this could save you some money. It can also help when it’s time for everyone to have a check-up. Instead of having to race around taking your children to one clinic and then having to organize for you to visit another, you can make appointments for everyone on the same day, at the same clinic.

This will also save money in terms of having to use the gas in your car to get there; and because the appointments will happen one after the other, you will only have to organize time off work for, say, one afternoon.

Of course, the level of service you receive is vital, and it’s important your chosen family dentist in Gig Harbor have experience in dealing with problems that can occur at all ages. For example, children’s teeth will need different attention to yours, simply because their jaws are still growing and the problems that can occur will often relate to this.

As an adult, your teeth have stopped growing, but as you grow older, you get other problems with teeth that don’t occur in children. So, before you register with a clinic, make sure you find out what experience the dentist has in these areas.

You should also ask them about other families they have as patients. Any reputable dentist will be more than happy to give you details so you can check on their reputation and find out what the other families think of the dentist.

Of course, the dentist will be limited to the type of information they can give you; but it’s not against the law to follow-up a reference, and a dentist will often ask their patients if this is okay to do before handing over a telephone number.

Technology within dentistry is constantly on the move, so you should also check to see what type of services your dentist can handle, and how they go about doing this. Plenty of clinics will be able to carry-out most procedures in their own place of work instead of having to schedule an appointment to meet you at the hospital.
This can include x-rays or any procedure that only requires a local anesthetic. When you look around the clinic, check for cleanliness, it should be completely spotless and any instruments that are used should be sterilized. If you’re not sure, ask if all these are being done.

Once you’re happy, your dentist will work out a plan for you and your family. They will do their very best to address your budget constraints as well.


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