Med City Dental in Rochester, MN Uses the Biolase Laser

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Dental Care

Rochester MN Med City Dental provides general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services to patients in the Rochester, Minnesota area. The office provides patients with services like periodontal therapy, root canal therapy, onlays, inlays, bridges, crowns, veneers, implants, teeth whitening, and composite bonding. The office gives patients the option of having some of these procedures taken care of with laser dentistry treatment.

Rochester MN Med City Dental offers patients treatment with Biolase laser dentistry. The Biolase WaterLase laser is a new development that allows dentists to remove cavities, treat patients for canker sores, contour the gums, treat them for gum disease, whiten the teeth, and clean bacteria from the mouth. Laser treatment has been FDA approved since 1998, and it is safe for patients of all ages.

Laser treatment has several advantages for patients. Depending in the situation, the dentist may be able to use the laser to remove a cavity instead of the drill. The high-pitched whine of the drill can be unnerving, but the Biolase WaterLaser is quiet.

The drill can be jarring while it grinds on the teeth, and it can create painful pressure even if the patient has received an anesthetic. The water laser, on the other hand, is so gentle that sometimes patients don’t even need an anesthetic. It is extremely precise, so when the dentist uses the laser to remove a cavity, the laser doesn’t damage any other part of the tooth. That’s an important consideration, because we only have so much dental enamel to begin with. While the vibration and grinding action of the drill can sometimes crack a tooth, there is no risk of that with the water laser.

When the dentist uses the laser on a patient, he applies a disposable tip first, so the equipment is sanitary and sterile for each patient and there is no risk of cross contamination between patients. The water laser is also not a hot laser, so patients don’t have to worry about the laser damaging their gum tissue. When the laser is used to treat the gums, it is gentle and precise so that there is less bleeding and a shorter recovery time.

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