Numerous Advantages of Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Dental Care

There are various reasons why a person may lose a tooth such as poor dental care, dislodged tooth from an accident, tooth decay, or periodontal disease. Whatever the reason may be that causes the loss of a tooth, it can impact their life in more ways than just a missing tooth. Lowered self-esteem, bone deterioration in the jaw, difficulty eating certain foods, and the possibility of slurred speech can occur when a person is missing a tooth. Dental implants in Chesterfield can be the answer in replacing the missing tooth with a false one that will function and look like the person’s natural teeth.

Benefits of Replacing a Missing Tooth

  • Dental implants in Chesterfield can help a person regain a stunning smile that can improve their self-confidence.
  • You do not have to worry about the false tooth slipping or specialized cleaning technique as the implant is secured inside your mouth with a post the tooth screws onto.
  • Prevents the loss of bone that can alter the shape of the person’s face to make them look older than they really are.
  • No specialized dietary requirements that are required with alternative tooth replacement techniques.
  • Improves their ability to speak properly and decreases the chance of slurring while speaking.

Remedy Your Dental Problems with a Certified Dentist

Whether you have lost a tooth due to decay or an injury, you can find a solution by consulting the experts at Chesterfield Family Dentistry. They can determine if a dental implant is the right answer to your dental problem and provide information on how the technique works. Why struggle with the problems that dentures pose when a solution can be found with a surgically implanted fast tooth? You can retain your beautiful smile and prevent a variety of dental problems by consulting an expert today!

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