Orthodontists Can Use Braces in Hudson, WI to Create a Perfect Smile

by | Jul 2, 2013 | Dentistry


An orthodontist is the best dental professional to determine if teeth or jaws need to be realigned. Today most children are evaluated to determine if they will need orthodontic treatment. Even children who don’t appear to have severe overbites or crooked teeth may benefit from Braces Hudson WI procedures. These can prevent jaw pain as the child grows into adulthood. While many children are nervous about wearing braces, they are usually happy to have their smiles transformed.

Invisible braces have become very popular and are effective when teeth do not have to be moved significant distances. The orthodontist takes impressions of the upper and lower teeth and makes a model of the mouth. This information is fed into a computer model that creates a series of clear aligners. The patient then wears each one for a period of two weeks. Adults like these because they are not very noticeable.

However if large changes have to be made to the mouth, other types of Braces Hudson WI treatments will have to be considered. These are usually metal brackets attached with wires. These allow the orthodontist the most leverage in moving teeth into their correct place. Sometimes the dentist has to use expanders to enlarge the patient’s upper jaw. This gives the teeth the room they need. Once the jaw is the right size, the patient has to continue to wear the device for several more months. This lets the jaw alignment solidify.

Elastics are used to move teeth and jaws into their perfect location. The Kristo Orthodontics Hudson WI professionals will carefully instruct the patient and their parents on the correct placement. These need to be worn continuously to be effective. Headgear is perhaps every child’s worst orthodontic nightmare. However, wearing it 12 to 14 hours a day will effectively redesign the upper teeth and jaw. Wearing it to bed is the easiest way to get in the number of hours. If a patient misses just one day, it takes three days to make up the lost time. Parents may have to convince their children that this is in their best interest. However as they see their mouth improving, the kids will become enthusiastic participants.

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