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by | May 14, 2014 | Dental Care

Dental care is just as important as caring for the rest of the body. A person’s overall health can spiral down from serious oral problems too. Oral preventative care is the only way to ensure teeth never become the culprit of an ailment. It requires unified participation with the patient and dentist. Patients do their part with good oral hygiene practices and staying away from habits that are known to impair oral health. The next step is getting routine exams at Sooner Care Tulsa OK in good faith. The dentist has a duty to perform all the necessary exams that uncover surfacing issues. If any problems are discovered, the dentist and patient initiate a plan to renew oral health.

Removing teeth is an undesirable, but sometimes necessary procedure. Decay and overcrowding among other reasons may call for imperative tooth extraction. Some patients don’t realize ignoring an alert like this can induce more serious complications later. Some adverse conditions might be periodontal disease, compromising healthy adjacent teeth and destruction of the tooth root. Teeth that are inaccessible need to be surgically extracted. This would be teeth positioned too far under the gum line or not completely erupted. Teeth that are fully visible only need tools to hoist it away from the gums. To know more, click here.

Restorative dental care involves organizing a plan to reconstruct teeth that are no longer viable. Patients who have teeth that are severely harmed from disease or decay are good candidates. Sooner Care Tulsa OK has a list of procedures that revitalize damaged teeth.

*   Crowns- A protective housing for a chipped or cracked tooth. It shields and fortifies the tooth so it can’t be inflicted with further harm.

  Bridges- A permanent structure in the mouth that replaces a set of missing teeth.

*   Endodontic therapy- Preventing a tooth from having to be removed by clearing away tooth root infection and decay. The pulp, or soft tissue in the tooth it treated.

*   Dental implants- A procedure that implants artificial teeth into the gums. It’s a permanent restorative procedure that makes the smile look identical to natural teeth.

*   White Fillings- A filling that’s the same color as the teeth for mending minor decay, fractures or cracks.

Each dental patient gets an oral care plan that’s suitable to their needs. They can explore options at for restorative, cosmetic and general oral health care management.

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