Proper Teeth Cleaning Advice from Dentistry in Salisbury NC

by | May 8, 2018 | Dental Care

A person’s smile is the first things that people notice. To preserve the pearly whites, it is important to follow a regular dental hygiene routine. Robert S. Ogden DDS PA providing Dentistry in Salisbury NC offers tips for impeccable oral health. Proper teeth cleaning techniques are a very important factor.

Brush Well and Frequently

It is important to brush teeth at least twice per day. Make a point to do so in the morning and again at bedtime. Each time a person brushes, they need to do so for at least two minutes. It isn’t a bad idea to put a timer or stopwatch by the bathroom sink for children who are just learning to keep track of their time. There are also electronic toothbrushes that will buzz after two minutes pass. The best way to brush is to place the brush at a 45-degree angle along the gum line. Then, move it back and forth gently across the front of each tooth. Next, brush the inside area of each tooth, then the top surface, using the same motion. When all the teeth have been brushed, use the toothbrush or a scraper designed to clean the tongue. This will remove odor-causing bacteria to finish the cleaning.

Proper Tools

It is best to use a soft bristled brush to remove particles and plaque. A brush with a small head is easy to maneuver around in the mouth too. It is a good idea to replace a toothbrush every three months, or once wear and tear start to show. Also, after getting over a bad cold or the flu it is important to toss the brush and get a new one. Germs can linger around in the bristles.

Floss Regularly

Flossing is a big part of a cleaning routine. It is best to floss at bedtime. Take several inches of floss and wrap between the index and middle fingers. Glide back and forth between each tooth, and then go up a down against the side of each tooth as well.

Following this advice and following up with regular cleanings and checkups will help maintain a healthy smile for years to come. For Dentistry in Salisbury NC, visit us to get additional information or to schedule an appointment. There is no reason you can’t keep your teeth healthy for life.

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