Reasons to Ask for Tooth Colored Fillings Mississauga

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Dental

Metal fillings may constitute an effective means of treating cavities, but that doesn’t make them the best available option. Tooth colored fillings in Mississauga offer a variety of benefits when it comes to treating tooth decay. Read on to find out about a few of them below.

Improved Confidence

Tooth-colored fillings are nearly imperceptible to those who don’t know they’re there. This lets patients who opt for them to smile with more confidence since they’ll know their teeth will always look pristine.

Safer for Teeth

The silver amalgam traditionally used in dental fillings can expand or contract when exposed to extreme temperatures. This puts pressure on the natural teeth that are housing them, which can eventually cause further damage or even break the tooth completely. Patients who opt for tooth-colored fillings don’t have to run that risk.

Custom Shading

Each filling can be custom-shaded to match the patient’s surrounding teeth, which makes for almost invisible cavity treatment. Plus, patients won’t have to worry that their teeth will eventually take on that grayish tint characteristic of teeth that have been filled using metal fillings. That means no discoloration over time.

Preserve More of the Tooth

The process of cleaning out cavities and installing tooth colored fillings Mississauga requires removing only minimal amounts of healthy tissue. This helps to prevent future damage to the tooth by keeping the size of the filling to a minimum.

A Long-Lasting Option

The average lifespan of a tooth-colored filling that has been properly placed and cared for is around 15 years. That means dental patients who opt for tooth-colored fillings can anticipate durable new fillings that provide long-lasting results.

Replace Old Fillings

Those who already have one or more metal fillings are often curious as to whether they can have them replaced with this more natural-looking alternative. Luckily, they usually can. Replacing metal fillings is a great way to start taking advantage of the many benefits of tooth-colored fillings above, so don’t hesitate to ask the dentist about this option. Click here to learn about one local practice that offers tooth-colored fillings and other advanced restorative and cosmetic procedures today to get started.

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