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by | May 13, 2013 | Dentist

Many people skip going to see the dentist on a routine basis but there are five important reasons to consider when you think of canceling your next appointment with Dentists Lawrence. If you are afraid of getting a lecture from your dentist because you haven’t been in for awhile, just remember that the only thing worse then not seeing the dentist for a year, is not seeing a dentist for one year and one day. It is never too late to make an appointment and getting the oral care you need.

There are five logical reasons to make routine visits to Dentists Lawrence. The first reason is to prevent gum disease. Secondly, you can catch and prevent the earliest onset of a cavity. Thirdly, a dentist can check for early signs of mouth cancer. You can reduce the likelihood of emergencies and lastly, it helps you maintain good oral health care.

With a routine visit to the dentist, you can catch many health problems before their onset. Such things like pancreatic cancer, diabetes and lung disease can start with early detection problems in the mouth. The gums in the mouth offer a window of what systematic problems may be going on inside the body. Looking at the gums is just scratching the surface to what be affecting the bone and affecting your gums and teeth.

During a routine cleaning and examination that your dentist provides you can discover the early signs of cavities. By getting these bacterial issues in the teeth managed as soon as possible you can avoid the damage getting close to the nerves in the mouth which causes extreme pain and discomfort. You may be uncomfortable going to a dentist but it is nothing compared to the uncomfortable feeling you will have with a root canal.

Roughly 37,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with some type of mouth cancer every year and the mortality rate is less then half in no more then five years. Frequent trips to the Dentists Lawrence should be incentive enough to catch this type of cancer early on and prevent it from becoming a more serious diagnosis. Safely maintaining frequent oral health care will prevent a lot of pain and help you feel good about your smile.

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