Reviewing Restorative Measures In Which Dental Fillings Are Used

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In North Carolina, dentists provide a variety of restorative services to address tooth damage. These conditions could lead to tooth loss if the teeth aren’t managed appropriately. For this reason, the dentist performs a full assessment of the teeth and determines what measures are required to mitigate further risks. The following is a review of restorative measures in which Dental Fillings and other options are used.

Correcting Cavities in Teeth

Cavities can present an immediate threat to the teeth. They can cause bacteria to spread throughout the tooth and enter the root. These conditions could require the patient to undergo an extraction if the patient doesn’t acquire restorative services fast. The cavities are corrected with simple fillings in most cases.

Sealing Off Root Canals

The patient will undergo a root canal if the tooth is damaged severely. These procedures require the dentist to drill into the tooth. Next, they remove the tooth pulp and nerve. These steps prevent the tooth from causing any additional pain for the patient. Also, the dentist will seal off the tooth and place a crown over the tooth for added protection.

Correcting Damage with Bonding Options

Dental bonding is used for serious damage. The dentist can use a composite resin to reconstruct the tooth entirely. These restorations involve the application of the resin onto the remaining portion of the tooth. The dentist will use an ultraviolet light to make the tooth stronger.

Restoring the Ability to Chew and Eliminating Pain

All restorative measures can restore the patient’s ability to chew without facing choking hazards. In some cases, the repairs can help the patient to speak more effectively and eliminate possible misunderstandings when communicating. These measures may also include the installation of devices such as dental implants if the dentist cannot save the natural tooth.

In North Carolina, dentists offer a wide assortment of repairs to correct tooth damage. These options prevent hindrances in the patient’s self-esteem and make their teeth more aesthetically pleasing. The repair options are often completed in one dental visit. Patients that need to acquire Dental Fillings or other repair options contact Robert S. Ogden DDS PA for more information today.

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