Root canal therapy

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Dentist

Teeth are extremely strong and with care can last a lifetime. However, even the most conscientious individual, one who practices excellent oral hygiene can frequently damage a tooth. This damage can be from decay, or an injury that cracked the tooth; in either case the tooth can become infected. When the interior of a tooth becomes infected the pulp, which contains the tooth nerves and blood vessels, becomes damaged and the person must seek endodontics in Boston.

If the condition is not treated the damage to the pulp will often cause infection which in turn causes bone damage, swelling and intense pain. This is when an endodontist is called for, to perform a root canal in an effort to salvage the tooth.

The endodontist needs the whole picture:

Endodontic therapy is not only used when a root canal is called for, it is also called for when there is damaged or dying nerve tissue, a cracked tooth or even previous dental treatment that failed. There is no one symptom that appears in every case where endodontic care is required.

The endodontist must get complete patient history, the results of a clinical examination, X-rays etc. Once all this supporting information is available, endodontics in Boston may or may not be called for.

The symptoms that accompany the need for a root canal:

The pain associated with the need for a root canal can be sharp and intense and the level can be mild to extreme. Often the pain is accompanied with a dull throbbing sensation and the character of the pain might change rapidly depending on a change in your posture, it can lessen or intensify when you stand-up, bend over, lie down, etc.

A lot depends on how long the reason has existed, it may be that you felt a twinge in the past or it may come on all of a sudden. It is easy to identify exactly where the problem lies, perhaps not the tooth but most certainly the area.

Regardless of whether a root canal is needed or not, in the event you have symptoms as described it is important that you seek endodontics in Boston.

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