Root Canal Treatment

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Dentist

In the past, the thought of getting a root canal might have sent a person running for the hills. Today’s root canal treatments in Lakeview are more effective and gentle than ever. We offer local anesthetics and sedation in order to help you relax during the treatment. A root canal treatment is designed to save your natural tooth and avoid tooth loss or the need for a dental implant.

Root canal therapy may be recommended if your tooth has deep decay. When the decay penetrates deep into the tooth, it can be painful. We remove the decay and infected pulp from the tooth. We may include a strengthening support for the tooth so that it can support a permanent crown as a restoration after the root canal treatment is complete. You may also need a root canal if the tooth has had a serious injury. Perhaps you badly chipped or cracked the tooth. Maybe the tooth broke. A root canal could save it.

Most root canal treatments take one or two visits. This depends on how many roots the tooth has and your overall oral health. If you have an infection elsewhere in your mouth, you will receive antibiotics. After the root canal treatment is complete, you may need to come back in order to have impressions taken for a permanent artificial crown with our root canal dentist in Lakeview.

When you need a root canal dentist in Lakeview, contact us at Family Dental Care. We offer gentle treatment and work with your insurance. If you do not have dental insurance, we have options available so that you can get the root canal therapy that you need in order to save your tooth. You may also visit us online at for more information about root canal treatments and our other services.

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