Safety Comes First When Reach Out for Treatment of Toothache

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Dental

A toothache can wreak havoc on everything else going on in your life. Before you get help with easing your tooth pain, this compassionate group of dentists makes sure that COVID protocol is followed by employees, patients, and all who enter their offices.

Why Your Teeth Hurt

Tooth pain frequently occurs when you have a cavity or other decay. Dental treatment for toothache in Naperville examines every reason that could be causing your pain to ensure that you receive the correct treatment. Getting the pain to stop tops the priority list. Then you and your dentist can focus on other dental issues you might be facing.

Reasons for tooth pain besides decay could be braces that are too tight, recent trauma to your mouth, wisdom teeth growing in. Grinding your teeth when you sleep or when you are stressed can cause toothaches. Receding gums, recent dental work such as a root canal, or a broken tooth are causes for your teeth to hurt.

Emergency Care for Your Tooth Pain

A toothache in Naperville can usually be treated as soon as the reason for the pain is known. Emergency situations of tooth pain are common, and someone from this team of dentists can be available outside of regular office hours to help ease the pain of a dental emergency.

Toothaches that constitute a dental emergency might include a broken tooth from an errant baseball or a tooth that gets infected because a cavity waited too long to be filled. Trauma to your jaw can become a dental emergency if your teeth are jammed into your gums from possible broken jaw. Pain that does not go away could possibly be considered a dental emergency. Treatment of a toothache is important so that a problem does not get worse.

For tooth pain in children and adults, contact Naperville Commons Dental today at to set up an appointment to find the reason for the pain. They will do what they can to take the pain away so you can enjoy your life again.

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