Simple Facts about Teeth Whitening in Matawan

by | Dec 26, 2013 | Dental Care

It is always nice to keep a beautiful smile intact, showing healthy and white teeth whenever possible. For many, having white teeth is very difficult for many reasons. Knowing what causes darkening is vital if you are to maintain healthy, white teeth. If you are unsure about the techniques used in Teeth Whitening in Matawan, you should contact your local dentist and set up a consultation.

Even though there are some very effective home methods, dentists stress that dental visits are always the better choice. A visit to a Teeth Whitening Dentist lasts about an hour and most stains caused by coffee, drugs, food, etc. can be eliminated. It is advisable to see your dentist for cleaning every six months or every year, depending on the severity. He or she will discuss what your severity is during your consultation or first visit.
Why do teeth darken?

There are some factors that promote the darkening of the teeth such as: poor hygiene, some fractures or blows that were not addressed in time and stains caused by excessive fluoride. Other issues include congenital white spots (hereditary), antibiotic use, consumption of beverages like tea, coffee, cola, acidic juices (such as lemon or red wine). Tobacco use is a huge factor in the darkening of teeth. In children, serious diseases like measles or whooping cough, especially during the formation of teeth, can have serious consequences. Teeth Whitening in Matawan can help repair these issues.

What can I do to have white teeth?

If you want to have your teeth whitened, you have to visit a dentist and let them decide which treatment is best. Using home treatments can actually damage your gums if you do not use them appropriately. In some cases, sensitivity is occasionally experienced with whatever treatment you choose. It is best to keep good hygiene habits up, especially if you have just had Teeth Whitening in Matawan performed. The use of dental floss and mouth rinses can also prevent diseases and keep teeth squeaky clean!

For more information on teeth whitening and other dental procedures, contact your local Matawan dentist or visit website domain today.

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