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by | Jun 4, 2012 | Dental Technician

We all know what a pain in the jaw going to a dentist makes us feel. But somehow, when you turn that routine dental visit into a family experience, most of the discomfort seems to vanish. Even kids could learn to love the opportunity. And to get that family friendly experience from a dentist in Naperville, your best option is to visit a family practice.

Many a dentist in Naperville represent large commercial franchises, which are run like a business venture. When their patients visit their dentist in Naperville, you are ushered in and out of the dental chair in record time. The reason is that commercial franchises are margin-based entities – the more patients they see in an hour, the better their profit margins are.

On the other hand, when you visit a dentist in Naperville that’s run by a husband/wife, father/son or other family member teams, the experience is usually very different. And that’s because, as family members themselves, they can better relate to their patients and their families.  Usually, a family-based dentist in Naperville will go that extra mile to educate patients and their families about the procedures they are proposing. Being used to collective consultations themselves, as a family, your family-run dentist in Naperville is more likely to give you the opportunity to discuss recommendations with your own family first, before saying “yes”.

When looking for the ideal dentist in Naperville that’s run by family members, you are advised to go for one that is a full-service practice, and not simply a team that specializes in general dentistry. Any dentist in Naperville that offers a range of services, from general and preventative procedures, to cosmetic dental services should be preferred.

And why is that so important, especially if you are fine with the services your current dentist in Naperville is providing you. Well, you need to consider the longer term as well. Today you may be content with your dentist in Naperville who only does teeth whitening or simple routine cleaning. But in future, if you or a family member has more complex dental needs, your dentist in Naperville is more likely to refer you to some other specialist practice to get the additional treatments that they themselves do not offer.

Referrals are a source of revenue for the referring clinic, and that could be an important determining factor in choosing whom your existing dentist in Naperville refers you to. The specialist may be a dentist in Naperville that’s close by, or someone far from your existing dental clinic. It is highly unlikely however that you will be referred to a competitor next-door who could help you, because they may also be interested in ‘stealing’ you as a customer.

So who wants to go through yet another familiarization process at a new dental facility that may be inconveniently located.

For a better and brighter smile for your entire family, there’s no better dentist Naperville than Comfort Care Family Dental.

dentist’s chair!

dentist’s chair!




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